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AADA Productions 
Role: Amelia / Director : Jennifer Mann / Co-director: Kaarina Padron 

Production began in the writing room. Myself and my costar Jake collectively collaborated on the script, the mood of the piece in addition to how we wanted intention to flow as events of the piece revealed themselves. Shot within Madison Square Park, both wide and tight shots were utilized to encapsulate the exposed and unforgiving nature of the piece. 


Magnus Theatre 
Role: Bittle / Director: Thom Currie  

Production began with myself and my costar Spencer. We discussed potential and interesting relationship dynamic, collaboraively playing with growing up and all the nuances and awkwardness that comes with it. The story follows two young children, within their own personal turmoil's, desperately trying to belong in a world not fit for them. We wanted there to be a distinct achetypal difference between the two characters, focusing on dress and body language to enhance the longing but also the optimism these two have. It is the commratery of friendship and self reflection, that Bittle finds true joy in her own uniqueness. 



Magnus Theatre 

Role: Alice / Director: Thom Currie / Stage Manager: Gillian Jones


Production clip beings with Alice (myself) and Bessie (Hanna Laaksonen) as we first emerge as what we can only conclude as purgatory, drenched, within our familiar surroundings of our bathtub. The story follows the lives of three women Alice, Bessie, and Margret (Re: The Brides of the Bathtub) as we discover and relive the events proceeding our murder. We unite together as victims of the same manipulative and swindling man, as we quickly meet our desolate fate. 

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