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Olivia began her training in New York in 2018. After dropping out of University in Canada (Plant Biology, as it turns out, blows), Olivia packed up her life after having been accepted to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Throughout her time at AADA she was lucky to play many multiversed characters including Gina in Henrik Ibsen's The Wild Duck, The Telephone Girl in Sophie Treadwell's The Machinal and Mary in Maxwell Anderson's Mary of Scots, to name a few.


While receiving her degree from The Academy this April, Olivia joined her graduating company as guest artist to complete The Machinal through Zoom, adapting and thriving artistically while navigating these unpresedented times.


Most recently, Olivia has been cast in her first professional show playing Alice in The Drowning Girls directed by Thom Currie and Written by Daniela Vlaskalic, Beth Graham and Charlie Tomlinson.


When Olivia is not performing she is painting, writing (primarily poetry and screenplay focused), and advocating for women through her podcast "Foot off Our Neck". She is passionate about photography, focusing on physical fluidity and body neutrailty. 


Olivia is a Canadian actress basedin NYC. Growing up in a small Canadian town, performing became Olivia's most favourite hobby. This hobby quickly transformed into the only feasible option for her life. 



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